where we are going—to alert believers, and seekers as well, to today's fast-paced developments and preparations for the new world leader

1. This website has the urgent purpose of sounding the alarm to the Church, to everyone who believes that their worries will be over because when things get rough they plan to be with Christ in Heaven, looking down on the poor souls who weren't ready. For eighty-three years, the leaders of this ministry have thought the same thing, but when the scales literally fell off our eyes, we saw something different, much different. We have always heard that in the last days, there will be a great falling away of the Saints of God. How can that happen if they are out-of—here? It will happen when the great deceiver comes and talks wickedly about the God of Heaven and institutes the world-transaction-tattoo on the right hand, often referred to as the Mark of the Beast, and the Christians are looking around asking, “Did I miss something? Weren't the graveyards supposed to be opened up and next—those alive are taken up to be with Him in the air?” Then, what am I still doing here—I love the Lord God!” Then the Man of Sin will laugh and say, “Oh yes you have been lied to, your Lord isn't coming for you—he is already here and I am him!” The saints will be troubled to their soul because this man is telling the truth about everything, (apparently) and “I am hungry and my family has needs, I have no option except to join in with the rest of them.” Then the great falling away will occur and those who should have been the most prepared will instead be the least prepared.

2. Next, our burden is for those who till now have not found faith large enough to span the great chasm of understanding between man and God. They have rebelled against God's call to righteousness, waited till the last moment or simply have been so consumed with themselves and their lives, that they had no occasion or interest to seek the things of God. To those persons, I yell “CAUTION! We have entered the no-sin zone.” There is no time in which to leave your soul vulnerable. You will not be able to withstand the pressure to worship the New World leader when he comes. Your life will depend upon worshiping and his story will sound so believable that your hungry stomach won't be able to resist.

3. Thirdly, since we as believers will be here to endure the world who will hate and shun us for His Namesake, we must take immediate action in order to prepare our households, our minds and our spirit for the coming attack. It will help to know what kinds of things to expect from the New World Leader and to know when and how it will end.


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