There isn't just one
Christ coming,
but two —
one of Calvary
and one of Hell

where we have been

where we are now

where we are going

Since this ministry was founded by Lester L. Buttram in 1926, he and his family have, through the printed page, preached...

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Recognizing the season of Christ's return and the imminence of the appearance of the Antichrist...

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Alerting believers, and seekers as well, to today's fast-paced developments and preparations for the new world leader...

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your summons to appear...

The problem with holding the information of two Christs coming is one that divides believers sharply, and that is: WHICH CHRIST COMES FIRST? Whichever view we hold, our foundational beliefs remain intact and our differing views can compliment our fellowship as believers. We naturally put this information in the setting of a courtroom scene, because all the components in our examination correctly correspond to a court of law...

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the case