where we are—recognizing the season of Christ's return and the imminence of the appearance of the Antichrist

1. Today, the approach of difficult times along with signs and wonders has left most everyone (Christian and non-Christian) with the innate knowing—that something very important is about to happen. It seems that we all know that something has to give—the weather, our magnetic fields, even the heavens seem to be in flux. Spiritually, the world is falling apart and it seems that something bigger than us is approaching.

2. As we at this ministry look deeper into the prophetic scriptures, it seems like pieces of the puzzle (which looked like pieces of a different puzzle earlier) are dropping into place and the words of the prophets and of our Lord now have an illumination upon them that was not there earlier. As you digest the information found in this site, you will see that this is a living work and will be updated as the time elapses. We will date each entry because it seems especially critical now.

3. Most importantly, we have made a major shift in one core belief that the Church of Jesus Christ would be miraculously taken out of this world before The Great Tribulation was initiated and until it was completed (then thought to be a 7yr. period.) This is referred to as a pre-Tribulation Rapture. Today, we believe that when the Rapture of the Church takes place, it will be the same as what the Disciples refered to as the Second Coming of Christ, the Day of the Lord and the Blessed Hope as well. Specifically; this event occurs on the 1260th day of the three and one half year Tribulation. Following that event the 30 day Wrath of God occurs. There will be no righteousness left on the earth. Heaven's windows will be closed to prayer and mankind will be left to his own destruction. God Himself will come against the armies of Satan in the Battle of Armegeddon where great suffering and misery is metted out to the ungodly.

4. Accompanying and assisting our understanding of a pre-wrath Rapture is an acceptance of the knowledge of a three and one half year Tribulation period verses a seven year period of the same. Daniel 7:25, 12:7; Revelation 13:5, 11:2. The Great Tribulation period is for three and one half years. A seven year tribulation period is misunderstood and confused with the length of the covenant of the Antichrist with Israel, also known as "Jacob's Trouble" which is the last seven years of this age.


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