The problem with holding the information of two Christs coming is one that divides believers sharply, and that is: WHICH CHRIST COMES FIRST? Whichever view we hold, our foundational beliefs remain intact and our differing views can compliment our fellowship as believers. We naturally put this information in the setting of a courtroom scene, because all the components in our examination correctly correspond to a court of law.

There are as many opinions and doctrines to the understanding of end-of-times, as you will see if you surf the web, go to church, read the Bible or talk to anyone, and the evidence they each offer—is the same! This evidence that is used to “prove” pre, mid, pre-wrath, and post-tribulation Rapture is of the highest order (forensic) because it is God's Word. Good people have different views and here is why: The closer we are to an event, the more accurate the information. In this case since we are working toward the event, the prophecies begin to fit the model just as though a new “ultra-scarlet” light has just been developed to illuminate the evidence once obscure. The newly acquired evidence and the speed at which we are traveling toward the coming Christs is the reason this website was developed. We have no books to sell, personal ministries to grow, no purpose at all except to prepare people for the coming anarchy, persecution, torture, and even death at the hands of Satan's man—The Antichrist or Daniel's fourth Beast. This time also will be the Church's finest hour. As those who keep God's commandments and are known by His name will be miraculously provided for. While many will have rejected Christ and taken the Mark of the Beast, many others will be disperately looking for the truth of the Saviour.

In a nutshell, this ministry is comprised of people who, until the past few months, held the lifelong belief that before the appearance of the Antichrist, the faithful in Christ would immediately follow those dead in Christ, in a glorious Rapture and therefore would be absent during the Great Tribulation time.

Now, we admit that all the light hasn't been shown on the subject yet and there is much to learn, but once the Antichrist has made his appearance, this website may be shut off and our publications shut down. The Bible warns of false teachers and antichrists in the last days. In the evidences section, we will examine the doctrine of the pre-Tribulation Rapture, its source and why we feel that it is a false doctrine that believers have blindly swallowed.

The apostle Paul warns with emphasis in II Thessalonians 2:2-3 that we are in no way to let anyone deceive us into believing that the “day of Christ” is at hand until first there is a falling away and that the Man of Sin, (the son of hell and damnation) be revealed. Additionally, Daniel the prophet says in Chapter 7:23-25 that the order of things to come are as thus: He will subdue and conquer the remaining kings of the world, he will slander and blaspheme the Most High God, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High God, will think to change times and the laws and will be successful for three and a half years. According to the prophet—The Antichrist will first conquer the world, curse God from his throne, and wear down the saints of God. In the evidence section of this site, we will introduce “circumstantial” evidence of what he will do to wear down the saints of God. The saints will be the ones present to provide resistance. Those who have no allegiance to God will not be able to withstand the delusions he has prepared for all of us. If we know ahead of time, at least we won't be caught off guard to be so gullible.

With the Lord's empowerment we will continue to edify and evangelize those with an ear to hear until that day when we will see Him face to face and know that we have run the race well.