the jury

instruction to the jury

We know by the Law of Opposition that everything God is, Satan occupies the antithesis. We have learned by God's Word that Satan is a liar and a thief. Because he is jealous of Jesus, he imitates Him. Because he can't create anything, he perverts every created thing. He is clever but not wise. He is powerful but has no more power that the Creator who gave him the power to test the souls of man.

selecting the jury

Before being sworn in as a juror, you should be questioned by counselors as to whether or not you feel you can hear the case with an open mind, barring prejudice arrived from mainstream religion or parents or talk of town folks. You should pray for wisdom to understand and seek God's face in all this. Then you are to hear the evidence and weigh heavily the instructions to the jury and also the forensic evidence in light of the context in which it is presented. Forensic evidence is God's Word—the Bible. It is also the fingerprint of the Creator, the trace of Blood left by the Saviour, and perhaps a trace of gold thread that is woven throughout all scripture, tying it together. This is Rock Solid evidence, evidence that men have found worthy of surrendering their heart to and giving their lives for.

Before hearing this case, there is one more test. What kind of condition would you be in, if say, six months from now, after the “World Collapse,” that you, in order to get your medicines and medical attention, continue receiving utilities such as water, gas, electricity, or cable, as well as buy food or fuel—you must first surrender to the newly established world leader and receive his sign and number on your hand. Would your faith be shaken? Would you be prepared to go on and to provide for your family if you reject his option? This is the reality of today's situation and the importance of following this study to its conclusion.

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