The world is so full of interesting things, both to see and to experience, so that for me—there just isn’t enough time. Popular Mechanics Magazine, May 2018, provides a list of 64 author experienced moments he wanted to share as “must dos” before the world ends. As I read, I wanted to add to the list, for example; I have always wondered how a Lady Bug can fly as its wings have to come out of its bowl-shaped body then retract so I looked up a YouTube video of a Lady Bug flying in ultra-slow motion. Its shell opens and each wing made of three parts unfold and swish from front to back like a Hummingbird wing. It doesn’t really fly as we think birds do but hovers like a helicopter, drifting in one direction or another.

The article states that it is not suggesting any near ending of the world, but that there are many things to do, “just in case.” It is noted, however, that there seems to be a craziness and uncertainty in the world that sometimes makes us wonder if it is going to end soon.

There came a time in my life when I needed to understand for myself the truth of what is referred to as the APOCALYPSE, just like learning how a Lady Bug flies. The first thing I learned of what had been a lifetime of untrue teachings is the meaning of Apocalypse, which is: “The revelation of a hidden mystery.” The last book of the English Bible is called: Revelation, which refers to the revelation of Jesus Christ. All other Bible language translations name the last book of the Bible as: Apocalypse, which is the revelation of the mystery of Jesus Christ. So, when we hear a reference to the coming Apocalypse, we can know that it is referring to the Coming Revelation of Jesus Christ. As we study, you will see the value of a correct vocabulary. A big mistake that most of us have made, in trying to unlock understanding of prophecy, is to first tackle the Book of Revelation. There are many moving parts in the understanding of The Coming Days but the framework must first come from other teachings in the Bible before mapping out Revelation.

It will be such a great addition to your faith (or lack of faith) to see when events take place and why. Its value is beyond just hearing and believing, it’s knowing with self-acquired confidence that you have believed because what you have learned is from God’s Word, not from theologians and their religions. In the weeks to come, we will connect the dots slowly until we can answer the toughest questions of life and faith, for example:

  • What does the “end” mean?
  • Where do we go when we die?
  • Is there ever a time when we can know how much time is left? Are there mile-markers?
  • After the end, is there a “second chance” for those who finally see the light?
Popular Mechanics magazine - 64 things to do before the world ends

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