Intro to Straight Talk From Tom

These are challenging times, I don’t need to convince you of that, and there are a lot of voices out there, so many, that of all people, God’s Children seem to be the most confused. One fifth of scripture is that of prophecy, it’s that important. For decades we have heard what some of our…

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

I have always marveled at how the monarchy of Great Britain continues to exist since it is not a ruling family, but an institution that the subjects love and support at great cost. Is the family Windsor truly royal or is it simply because the people choose to elevate them to that high position? History…

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Popular Mechanics magazine - 64 things to do before the world ends

The world is so full of interesting things, both to see and to experience, so that for me—there just isn’t enough time. Popular Mechanics Magazine, May 2018, provides a list of 64 author experienced moments he wanted to share as “must dos” before the world ends. As I read, I wanted to add to the…

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