Straight Talk From Tom (#3) Tools for interpretation

In our last Straight Talk we stressed the need to seek God’s Truth which comes from seeking Him. We can set up many rules of discovery but He is not fooled by our false intentions, it is His Glory and Majesty that is worthy of our seeking. Imagine your son or daughter coming to you continually, asking how this-or-that about you; about your wants and needs, all the things that you want to share but have been waiting for an attentive audience. Perhaps the most lucrative tool in solving prophecy scripture is something called Type and Anti-type.
It’s not to be understood as the law of opposition, but more like how one event foreshadows another. Type and Anti-type is more like once was, and once again will be, in some similar way. In the weeks to come we will show many examples of this tool but probably now, one of the most vivid to the Christian is the Old and the New Covenants when God once required of us, a spotless sacrifice as payment for sin, then, He Himself provided the spotless sacrifice for us, the Lamb of God. Consider further the Star of Bethlehem as a sign of the Savior born unto men, yet to come is the “sign of the Son of Man in heaven.” Matt. 24:30. It’s a beautiful thing when knowledge of the coming days and the Hope of Glory become tangible in understanding. The more we understand about His Creation and attribute to Him, the more His Greatness is revealed—like standing on the ocean’s shore letting the waves wash over our feet, then realizing that every seventh wave is so grand we sometimes are knocked over, or maybe it is the counting of seven colors of the rainbow, seven days in a week, or the seven seas as God’s number of completeness becomes so obvious.
We call it nature but it’s His Nature for sure. As we journey toward the finale of God’s Truth we will find that perhaps His Purpose in Creation is different than what we possibly were told in church that God and Satan are in a contest to see how many souls they can win. One piece of advice from Albert Einstein could serve as preparation as we begin to test the scriptures, “Above all, question everything.” When trying to fit scripture pieces of the puzzle and a piece doesn’t fit then we question the Lord and inquire deeply of Him the why of it.

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