Straight Talk From Tom (#5)

Mile Markers: The Last Moment of this Age

I don’t know which item of prophecy is most important to fix in time, but as we assert one we soon see how it fits another. Last issue (#4) we saw much order of understanding to the raising of the wheat and the tare and how each group prevailed until that ending moment just before Christ’s Return. Precisely, when the Age of Decision ends is valuable to know. It’s easy to think that moment is the parting of the clouds but using one of our deciphering tools; Type and Anti-type, we see exactly when the privilege of repentance ends. Seeing what has happened before and seeing it again, scripture is fulfilled. Remember Belshazzar, Nebuchadnezzar’s grandson in Daniel 5? He thought it would be fitting to take the vessels from the Israelite’s Temple and with them drink wine toasting the gods of gold, silver, bronze, iron, wood and stone. God, however, did not take the activity lightly and caused a hand to write on the pilaster wall behind him the words: Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin. The words and mystery of them caused Belshazzar’s face to grow pale, his thoughts alarmed him and his hip joints to go slack. He trembled and most likely became incontinent as fear gripped his life. It was some time before Daniel could interpret these words of complete destruction to Belshazzar and it was later that night before his life was required of him, so do you believe there is any possibility of repentance by Belshazzar after seeing God’s message on the pilaster wall? No! Insulting God in such a manner surpassed God’s arm of long-suffering. Judgment had come to him even before he realized it.

In the same manner, it is my speculation that 1260 days into the Great Tribulation, which are over-seen by the Two Witnesses, and after they are killed by the Antichrist, lie dead in the street of Jerusalem for three days, the people of the world rejoice over their death. Followers of the Antichrist then celebrate the first real X-mas. It’s just as they always wanted; Christmas without Christ. They celebrate by feasting and the giving of gifts to each other for that three days. Revelation chapter 11 tells the whole story but I want to add narrative to it: Imagine celebrating the death of God’s chosen (most likely Moses and Elijah) and celebrating just like it was Christmas—then breaking news as CNN, ABC, and CBS interrupt programming with shattering news—THE TWO WITNESSES ARE ALIVE AND WALKING ABOUT! It will be a Belshazzar moment for sure or more Biblically—the Thief in the night moment because that will be the last thing the ungodly would suspect.

Now we must believe that the privilege of repentance had just passed, or how could one find forgiveness from God after three days of celebrating the death of His Chosen?

Another thing that must have also happened at the raising of the Two Witnesses must be other raisings.

Remember when Christ was resurrected from the tomb that also many saints also were raised (Matt. 27:52,53) Very possibly when the Two Witnesses are raised to life, that resurrection power is also administered to two groups who are to be raised before the Coming of Christ: They are the Damned of the Dust and the 144,000 righteous Jews to be raised as First Fruits unto God. Each of these groups are raised after the end of the G.T. and before the Coming of Christ. Revelation 11 marks one to one-half hour as time allotted for these end things to occur. Rev. 11:15 then is the verse we await—Christ’s coming.

I want to tell you about my granddaughter and something between us that happened a couple years ago. She was sitting across from me as I was telling her about the events concerning the Coming of Christ when she was overcome with a blank look. “Are you okay Hailey” I asked? She replied, “It’s a lot to absorb papa.” Not having my hearing aides in I questioned her, “It’s a lobster resort?” “NO papa, I said “It’s a lot to absorb!” We laugh to this day as that event knit our hearts forever. The next Christmas, Hailey gave me this painting of “It’s a Lobster Resort.”

Peter even made a reference to Paul’s teaching as tough to understand. “ also in all his letters, speaking in them of these things, in which there are some things that are hard to understand, which the untaught and unstable distort, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures, to their own destruction..” 2 Peter 3:16

Peter refers to those who don’t understand as: untaught and unstable, thus—their teaching is likewise.

Therefore we must continue to seek to understand these hard things

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