Straight Talk From Tom #7

The Second Resurrection –Resurrection unto death

In our last meeting we learned that the First Resurrection is a process not an event, however, the Second Resurrection is an event taking only a moment. To avoid confusion, The First R. is for the process of Salvation, giving choice to all to call on or reject the forgiveness Christ offers. For those who reject Him, the Judgment unto Damnation is complete at the Lord’s Return, there is no second chance. The Judgment at the Great White Throne that follows the Millennium is the sentencing phase of our trial, not judgment unto being accepted or rejected. but it is also something greater.

God could cast the Christ Rejectors to Hell immediately, but that would foul His Purpose. God is One of Peace and fairness and eternity must reflect the essence of His Creation. Today, evolutionists glorify the theory and process of the Big Bang and while many such teachers claim the reason for their belief as not so much as convinced, but rather that since the only other choice is a belief in God—they then would rather embrace the theory of evolution.

In the last hour following the raising to life of the Two Witnesses and also the raising of the Damned of the Dust, and all the cosmic commotion with Christ appearing in the sky—The Damned look for someone to blame. Their evolution god and their self god suddenly have left them cold so they blame, the pedophile priests, the hypocrite Christians, preachers, evangelists, their parents; Bible-thumpers, anyone but themselves for the predicament they have found themselves in.

Then following the Thousand year reign of Christ, (the Millennium) Satan is loosed to deceive those on earth. He can’t deceived the Bride of Christ but he is given opportunity to deceive those born into the Millennium and those Gleanings souls who were recently raised from the dust (Rev. 20:5). Satan has a bad showing for his efforts since he no longer has the power to deceive and calls up the Damned, both Gog and Magog to do battle again against God’s people. The Father has had enough and destroys them with fire. Very soon, if not immediately, they are raised in what is known as the Second Resurrection or the Second Death and finally, as they stand before the Great White Throne of God and the Judgment Seat of Christ, they see that He is God. They bow to their knees in surrender to the fact that Jesus Christ is Lord and they proclaim such with their lips. No more blame except for themselves. With blame gone except for their foolish mistake, they take the punishment they deserve and I imagine they even praise God of Heaven for the opportunity they themselves squandered.

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