The Coming Christ

"The single most authoritative event of all time will occur soon; to some it will be as a "thief in the night" and to others it will be like a long awaited wedding. This teaching site will have in its purpose to break down into bite-size nuggets, a very complicated study, while at the same time give the reader an opportunity to respond with questions and observations."

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Learning the Vocabulary of Coming Days


Straight Talk From Tom, #11

GOG AND MAGOG Not knowing who Gog and Magog might be, leaves us susceptible to false doctrine which can lead ...


Are You Going to Heaven? Ever since we could understand the most basic communication, we knew about going to Heaven: ...

Deep Water #9 His Soon Coming?

I changed the title of this article from Straight Talk to Deep Water because the study of the end times ...

Straight Talk From Tom (#8)

THE TWO WITNESSES I've been in church for over 75 years and I have never yet heard a teaching or ...

Straight Talk From Tom #7

The Second Resurrection –Resurrection unto death In our last meeting we learned that the First Resurrection is a process not ...

Straight Talk from Tom #2

This series is for the purpose of calling each to a superior method of discovering God's Truth and that is ...

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